Name Plate

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Name Plate
Name Plate
Give a gift that is truly personal! Our nameplates will be a keepsake item for years to come.

This PERSONALIZED NAMEPLATE is carved locally and hand painted with colourful designs, and would look great in your child's room. It can be hung on a door, put up on a shelf or on the wall.

Little ones can use the nameplate to start learning their own names. As KIDS grow older, they can appreciate having their own name in their own room!

Our natural ECO-FRIENDLY WOOD is sourced locally and crafted by the expert hands of a LOCAL CARPENTER.

We then mix NON-TOXIC ACRYLIC PAINT and HAND PAINT our nameplates with a colourful design. Each one has 2-3 coats of paint. A Rainbow pattern is used for the lettering while the background colour has many choices.

A final touch is added with 4 playful CRAFTS which kids also love alongside the vibrant colours. There are many crafts and different themes to choose from. Some popular ones include Animals, Automobiles and Girly!

You can PICK A THEME or select any 4 crafts.

Or name plates can be HUNG using removable dual lock strips (available at walmart). Can also be displayed nicely on a SHELF.

DELIVERY TIME: shipping time is approximately 1-2 weeks within Canada and the U.S which includes production time.

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Name Plate
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