Growth Chart with Name

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Growth Chart with Name
Growth Chart with Name
Looking to decorate a room? Our colourful wooden growth charts are a great way to add colour and brighten your child's room. Along with measuring your child's growth, this item can be kept for memories and even passed down to future generations!

Carved locally and hand painted with a colourful design. Our wood is first sourced locally and crafted by the expert hands of a local carpenter. We then mix NON-TOXIC acrylic paint and HAND PAINT them with colourful designs. Each one has 2-3 coats of paint. A final touch is added with playful crafts which kids love alongside the vibrant colours.

There is an etch marking at every inch and 4 crafts that come standard with every growth chart. The standard 5 colours are the primary colours. Our standard design comes with a monkey, lion, bear and giraffe. Kids can say they are as tall as a monkey or want to be as tall as a giraffe!

CUSTOMIZE your own growth chart by choosing the colours along with the crafts. You can choose to have it all one solid colour, alternating 2 colours, 3 colours, 4 colours, or 5 different colours.

The growth chart comes ready to hang.

DELIVERY TIME: shipping time is approximately 1-2 weeks within Canada and the U.S which includes production time.

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growth chart with name

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