Coat Hook

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Coat Hook
Coat Hook
Colourful wooden coat hooks are a great way to decorate your child's room! They're also functional and can help keep your child's room a bit tidier. No more clothes piling up or bibs lying everywhere. They are also strong enough to hold bags and jackets!

They are carved with local wood, hand painted with 2-3 coats of NON-TOXIC ACRYLIC PAINT, and a final touch is added with fun and playful crafts.

There is a wide variety of colour options to match any room colour or theme. There are also many crafts available to choose from. Children can learn their first animals like a monkey or giraffe! This 4-peg coat hook comes with 3 crafts. Choose a craft theme or specify 3 specific crafts.

Ready to install. They come with 2 nail holes in the back, ready for hanging.

DELIVERY TIME: shipping time is approximately 1-2 weeks within Canada and the U.S, which includes production time.

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Coat Hook
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